Viru Film Fund

Estonia's first regional fund - Viru Film Fun - functioning as a cash rebate, is based in the Eastern region of Estonia. The region is known for its large-scale industrial and mining infrastructure but also swathes of untouched natural habitats. Take a look at the landscapes of Virumaa here.

Viru Film Fund finances locally incurred costs for any audio-visual productions. The fund aims for maximum flexibility, with no minimum spend requirements and no artistic criteria imposed on applicants. There will be no deadlines and projects will be handled on a first come, first served basis.
The fund is open to legal entities with established track record in professional audio-visual production, but no restrictions as per legal residency.
In 2016, the annual budget is around 50 000 euros.

Download the regulations of Viru Film Fund here in Estonian and in English.

Estonian Film Institute
+372 627 60 60
Uus 3, Tallinn 10111, Estonia